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The game is currently in a prototyping/concept stage so don't expect a complete experience.

Fantasim is a fantasy world simulator game where the players can (and must) play different roles to succeed in conquering the world. There are two different rolls implemented at this point. One is called "Civilization" and the other is called "Adventurer".

Civilization mode is similar to games like Dwarf Fortress or Goblin Camp where the player is directing a group of creatures in building a small city, managing resources and building accommodations.

In adventure mode you directly control a single character. The roll of this player is to act as a general helping the civilization players wage war on each other as there are no other way for them to send forces to attack other civilization. The adventure player have the benefit of getting shelter, earning resources and weapons supplied by civilization players.


The game is build as a client-server application where the server does all the simulation and the client is only responsible for the final rendering. I have released the client source code (Fantasim-SDL) and server API on GitHub so it would be possible for lots of different clients and graphical looks of this game. It might be cool to have completely different clients (with a different graphical look) if you play civilization or adventure mode. This approach also enables the possibility to write bots using the same API as the regular player-clients, making for some really cool sandbox AI wars.


The game is currently in a prototyping/concept stage. Civilization mode has some stuff going on but the adventure mode is just in a state where you can move your character around. I will continue to improve on this when I have the time and if there is any serious interest in the game I might do work on it on a more regular basis.

* There are no public servers anymore. *
* You must host your own!              *


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fantasim-sdl_0.0.1-rc.3_windows.exe 3 MB
fantasim-sdl_0.0.1-rc.3_osx.zip 3 MB
fantasim-sdl_0.0.1-rc.3_linux.snap 4 MB
fantasim-sdl_0.0.1-rc.3_linux.flatpak 1 MB
fantasim-pocket_0.0.1-rc.3_android.apk 34 MB
fantasim-wasm_0.0.1-rc.3_js.zip 1 MB
fantasim-server_0.0.1-rc.3.zip 21 MB


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the apk is broken unfortunately, I really liked the project please fix it


I'm sorry but I'm no longer working on the project.

The source code for the Android client is available if anyone else want to pick it up.