VirtualXT is an IBM PC/XT emulator that runs on modern hardware and operating systems. It is designed to be simple and lightweight yet still capable enough to run a large library of old application and games.

The default setup emulates a Intel 8088 CPU running at 4.77 Mhz just like the original IBM 5150/5160. This is quite a slow system and the original 8088 only operates in real-mode. This means that no protected-mode or 32 bit applications will run. (Most MS-DOS software from the 90's requires a later CPU.)

You can find an online game library here.


(Some of which are only available in the desktop version.)

  • Intel 8088 or NEC V20 CPU
  • Hardware CPU validator
  • CGA/HGC compatible graphics
  • Turbo XT BIOS 3.1 with extensions
  • Keyboard controller with 83-key XT-style keyboard
  • Serial port with Microsoft 2-button mouse
  • Floppy and hard disk controller
  • ISA passthrough using Arstech USB2ISA adapter
  • Direct file share with host
  • Flexible module system
  • Integerated GDB server
  • AdLib music synthesizer
  • EMS memory expansion
  • Ethernet adapter
  • and more...


VirtualXT is still in early development and there is a lot of work to be done. :)

You can find it all on the Github issue tracker.



You can support us by either buying a copy here on, sponsor specific issues on IssueHunter or donate NavCoins to us directly.


Some packages can be found at Flathub and Snap Store, but the version might vary. The libretro core is available in the official RetroArch core index for a variety of platforms.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
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AuthorAndreas Jonsson
Made withSDL
Tags16-bit, 186, 8088, cga, DOS, Emulator, msdos, v20, windows-3, x86
Code licensezlib License
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksGames, Source code, YouTube


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